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Every month Dynamite arranges unique & original marketing workshops in Birmingham and across the West Midlands.

These workshops help intelligent professionals and entrepreneurs like you firmly grasp how to understand, achieve and sustain marketing brilliance and they are already the stuff of industry legend.

We use some of the most accomplished names in marketing to provide you with unprecedented real-world understanding, giving you true momentum and instilling within you a self-belief and ambition to achieve genuinely great things.

We can achieve this because it’s what we’ve been doing with clients for decades now. Just don’t dare ask how old we are! Click here to sign up.

You’ll have noticed that we’re a very UP and positive organisation, with supreme quality our mantra and attuned purely to getting you results.

Dynamite never gets bogged down in theorising, pontificating and star-gazing. Instead, we focus, sniper sharp, on what it’ll take to drag your brand, kicking and screaming, into public view. Then damned well keep it there.

To do so we use only awards-encrusted, battle-scarred marketing professionals. People who have walked the walk. Never unhinged ideologists or tweedy academics.

Dynamite is exclusively for the professional and the entrepreneur.

It is for people with drive and grit and a dream. For those who want to achieve the wondrous and things some great distance beyond even that. And if you feel you might have the right stuff, please sign up.


By the end of the course (and assignments), you’ll be equipped to market your company to a breathtakingly high standard. You’ll have achieved a real-world understanding of how to draw masses of attention to your brand.

And you’ll immediately begin elevating the reputation and standing of your brand in the marketplace- something that costs tens of thousands of pounds by any other method.

  • Don’t Score an Own Goal – Marketing Strategy & Approach
  • Sniper Sharp Creative Output
  • How To Win Friends & Manipulate Your Media Via PR 
  • Marketing Vital Signs – Management, Reporting & Budget
  • Working To Spectacular Effect With Outside Marketing Agencies
  • Marketing Mission to GDPR compliance

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What differentiates Dynamite from almost every other available course and workshop is our hardline belief in only teaching real-world, harsh commercial reality marketing.

Our rivals tend to work in the world of theory and provide studiously academic takes on what marketing is and how it functions and fails.

We just don’t have time for that. Nor the inclination.

We operate in the real world, same as our delegates and we’re concerned with winning you sales and building your brand, not earning you a certificate to show to your mum. With our humblest apologies to the mums. Make your mum proud, Sign up now.



Make no mistake, the Dynamite workshop is a proper boot camp and you will put in a proper shift.

You’ll have to complete a challenging questionnaire, then have a phone interview with one of the Dynamite founders a week before your workshop date in order that we can tailor aspects of your day to your own brand & industry specifics.

The set-up is ultra important to your success in this enterprise. Dynamite doesn’t cookie cut with a one-size-fits-all approach. We’re here to ensure YOU feel a dramatic difference.

Then, on the day, please ensure that you are well rested and properly prepared for the unexpected. Want to shake your marketing up? Sign up now.

The 9am-5pm timeline will probably be the only orthodox element of your day as the four professionals involved in the workshop take you on a breathless gallop through their specific fields.

Each section will last about an hour and be made up of lecture, instruction, application, and mapping out homework. It’ll be a little intense and it’ll be frantic at times and it will be fun at all times.

The idea is that you will be served up revelations that’ll ensure you learn. These, in turn, will propel you into your homework which will allow you to make major differences in your marketing.

Then, as a Dynamite graduate, you’ll have a clarity of voice in your marketing that will make you the envy of your rivals and peers and put the kind of spring in your step that an Elizabethan dandy would have been proud of. Feel proud, Sign up.


Dynamite came about when an assortment of marketing folk found themselves burdened and bursting with industry savvy, experience and creativity but no way to properly share it with the ambitious entrepreneur and professional.

We heard complaints about any workshops that existed before Dynamite invariably being made up of well-meaning bores with little taught there that was real-world tangible or applicable.

So we sat down together in Birmingham one morning and hammered out a plan to create something aggressive, breathtakingly interesting, intelligent and which would provide delegates with an absolutely phenomenal real world arsenal of marketing savvy by the time they graduated.

This wasn’t easy, of course. We come from the same industry but have extremely different viewpoints on what constitutes the correct path to perfection. But we got there in the end.

And Dynamite now functions at such a supreme level of excellence that we’re always confident when offering our money back guarantee.

We believe when you graduate our workshop you’ll be possessed of genuine marketing dynamite. And that’s what we’re all about. Sign up.


Hannah is a co-founder of Dynamite and Managing Director of golddust marketing

She’s a CIM Qualified, Award Winning Marketing, PR, Event & Creative Consultant.

She’s worked globally in the marketing/advertising industry for a dozen years, spanning continents, operating in-house and agency and has tackled many different challenges, ranging from the improbable to the truly gobsmacking.

Her work has been recognised in countless national publications, she has presented product launches to international audiences, she has judged and presented at The National Great British Care Awards, won Shell Oil’s Most Enterprising Student Award, became a Google Adword Professional, presented at The Design Council and won a marketing initiative competition with Next.

She is, nonetheless, a modest soul and not one for showing off.



Jason is a very proud co-founder of Dynamite

He’s been in advertising for ten years and has all the scars to prove it. Brands he’s produced stellar creative work for include Bentley, Barclaycard, Peugeot, Camel Cigs, Harley Davidson, Aqualisa, Philips and many others.

He’s been a professional writer for twenty-five years. A journalist for far too many of those years, he was based in Manhattan, New York.

During that time he once worked as a bikini body stand-in for Miss Universe, rode with outlaw bikers, drank to excess with James Bond and Batman. Dined with Weinstein & argued a little with Thatcher. He was there when the Twin Towers fell. And when they picked up the pieces.

He has written for publications galore across the world including The Guardian, The Times, Easy Riders Magazine, Esquire, Hello, The Scotsman, The Daily Telegraphs in Sydney and in London and countless others.

Years ago he was fortunate enough to have a novel published to possibly the most muted fanfare in literary history. He’s been commissioned to write several screenplays, all of which spectacularly failed to make it to a cinema near you.

He is now the creative director at Titan The Advertising Agency and The Mighty Keyboard and is woefully underappreciated. If occasionally overpaid.



We promise that our workshops will represent one of the most fruitful and interesting days of your career.

We’re in the business of keeping audiences on their toes and wondering what’s coming next and as part of that process, our venues nonchalantly range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

From macabre Victorian museums to unused Prisons to narrowboats and even . . .  Needless to say, we will have the finest modern facilities and luxuries available throughout the day, regardless of site. See where the next workshop is, click here.


Dining and refreshments throughout the day will be of an impeccably high standard. We’ll invariably dine at either one of Birmingham’s most celebrated hostelries or have a professional provide outside catering for us.

Obviously there will be tremendous opportunities to network and bond with fellow delegates throughout the experience and to share information and insights. You’re sitting down with like-minded, aspirational professionals, after all, so please fill your boots!

We’re proud to be a proper hands dirty organisation and will ensure that all delegates put in a hard days graft. Sorry but it’s just impossible to simply implant knowledge, you’ll have to earn it.

What we can guarantee is that learning it will be rollicking good fun and utterly unforgettable.




Part of the Dynamite process is for you to actually digest, learn and act effectively on our guidance. And it’s a bit of a stretch of the imagination to think that anyone can retain everything they’ve taken in on the day.

Marketing and the real-world of communications can be a horrendously, bamboozlingly complex business without someone to properly guide you and straighten things out. Sign up now.



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