Dynamite Marketing Workshop – Beware the High Fliers

Marketing’s a weird business. Industry high fliers want you to give them fortunes in the hope they’ll somehow earn your brand immortality. But the relationship’s hopelessly reliant on your blind faith in their abilities.

And they’ll tell you, you absolutely must spend a fortune to get anywhere. “A heavy investment worthy of your brand’s status” they’ll tell you. Or “put your money where your mouth is” they’ll goad you. And sometimes they’re right because it does take investment.

But mostly the high fliers just want to pick your bones dry. Bare ass carcass dry.


They’re just not your mates. You really have to be more guarded.

Best advice most entrepreneurs and professionals can take is to learn as much as poss about marketing before they invest any significant amount.

We don’t mean learning the esoteric, high falutin’ theoretical stuff that comes with a papyrus scroll. But real world, real-life marketing that comes with a profit margin. A proper knowledge that’ll allow you to make intelligent decisions worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to your brand.

Our advice? Take a Dynamite Marketing Workshop for a day and never look back.

Yes, yes we’re biased, sure, but you’ll get the benefit of some of marketing’s most celebrated & capable pros in an environment that’s as lively and entertaining as a paintball contest (between a nudist colony versus a leper’s colony).

Read a little more about lighting the fuse on your marketing.

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