“We Get to the Bottom of your Brand Identity”

“We Get to the Bottom of your Brand Identity”
, “…to the very heart of your brand”
Or “to the soul of your brand” and so on, goodgodalmighty, help us all ! This is the same grandiose promise every half daft marketing agency on Earth makes, assuring you they’re on a quest to help you achieve world domination, super powers and marketing megalofrigginmania- even if you’re brand’s only a smelly wee chip shop in Digbeth!
But let me ask this. What if these deep diving svengalis get to the very heart or the very soul of your brand… and when they get there they find that it’s absolutely rotten to the core. I mean it’s an absolute dog’s breath of a brand. A Hammer House of Horror show of a brand. What then? Contemporary wisdom puts at least 50% of brands in the Iffy/Suspect-Dodgy As Hell Category, so that means at least half of the brands using these agency muppets are being lied to and not getting effective marketing, because their entire relationship with their agency is based on the utterly porkiest of the pies.
Like a marriage based on a wife assuring her hubby every day that he’s a very well hung homosapien indeed…
Anyways, we’re not the types to just complain and bitch and sneer and point and giggle though. We do come with positive answers. Our Dynamite Digital Marketing Workshops were created to give the professional and the entrepreneur like your good self an insight into real world marketing that will allow you to understand your brand, warts & all, to properly see where it is in the marketplace and how to make the best of what you’ve got.
A Dynamite day is a baptism of fire like no other and, when complete, you will know how to go out and make a high velocity impact on your market.
That’s what’s on offer – straight deal.
Or you can, of course, stick with the deep diving marketeers instead. And best of luck with the soul searching if you do!
Dynamite Marketing Workshop
The Lost & Found, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5RS
9am-5pm. June 1 2018.

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